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SKY & TELESCOPE and LIFE magazine (January 98) have made some new studies in astrology. What new developments can we find? ?

On the side of astrologers.

there is nothing new. If we ask them why they were not able to foretell precisely the dates of the stock market crash in Hong Kong, Seoul or in Tokyo, they reply that they only predict the wider trends.

They refuse to admit their incompetence. For example, if we examine the way that astrologers announce “the wider trend”, we can observe :

On the side of the scientists.

we distinguish the basic sciences from the other branches of science. In the basic sciences, such as physics and astronomy, nothing is new in astrology.

- What are the forces which influence the positions of the stars and comets ?

The sun and moon are the only celestial bodies that can have a notable influence on gravitation..

However, the lunar year differs from the solar year and this difference (355 days - 365 days) completely falsifies the reference points for the signs of the zodiac : each year there is a variation in the lunar cycle in relation to the signs.

Quant à l’influence des autres planètes, elle est, sur le plan de la gravité, pratiquement nulle sur un corps humain.

The other planets have no significant influence on human beings. The influence of the planet Mars on individuals is less significant than that of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, as mentioned in the report of RUPHY and HURE (La Recherche, Dec. 96). Gilles MOINE (Science et avenir, January 98) has observed that the force of gravity of the obstetrician on a baby at birth is six times greater than that of Mars. This is not including the gravity from the family and neighbours and the weight of the building...

- Do the magnetic forces of the planets have an influence ?

The magnetic field of the sun and the magnetic field protecting the earth are completely imperceptible.

- Are there other forces ?

Some people would insist on this. This hypothesis does not have a foundation. No “other forces” have been detected in the universe which would give the planets and certain stars an influence on the human body.


According to Gilles MOINE, a new kind of quackery called “jumbology” has appeared to discredit astrology even more.

Jumbology consists in locating the position of all jumbo jets or large airplanes at the moment of our birth. In fact, it is possible to recover this information, even when certain flights were not recorded, like in the case of the German plane and the American plane which crashed into one another in the Atlantic.

Consider asking your preferred astrologer, what place he gives to jumbology in making his opinions.

And if he wants to perfect himself even more, I’m ready to give him a course in Netology. Netology (Copyright HM Catta), is the study of the exact configuration of all available internet screens at the moment of conception.

Hervé-Marie Catta


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