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Testimony :
A journalist is severely shaken
Testimony :
He unfolded my life before me
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Alberto del Fante was a journalist and a severe critic of Father Pio.

He wrote inflamatory articles accusing him of being an imposter, a hoaxer, a charlatan taking advantage of the ignorance of the naive and credulous crowds.

One of Alberto’s nephews, who was suffering from an incurable disease, was miraculously healed. Why ? A friend of the family went and asked Father Pio to pray for him !

Intrigued by this, Alberto decided to go and see for himself. Note that he had written his series of articles without ever having seen Father Pio !

In the presence of the capuchin friar, he wanted to defy him. He made his confession. " I made my confession without faith or enthusiasm, as I’d have done to any other priest. " he relates in a book he wrote about Padre Pio. One single thing struck me ; this man knew what my sins were ! First of all, he explained to me that he knew I belonged to the Free Masons. When I told him that the fact I was not a believer had not prevented me from being honest, he reminded me of circumstances which negated what I had just said and which he could not humanly have known. "

All the same, Alberto was shaken. He fought as hard as he could against God’s grace and finally, he gave in. He was converted and was to become one of the greatest columnists and defenders of Father Pio. The latter inquired about his wife who was pregnant : " Does your wife have enough milk for the baby ? Don’t worry. She will have enough when it is necessary for her to have it ! " How could he have known that this was her greatest problem ? It’s a mystery ! But his prediction proved entirely true !

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